Educational projects

Andersen Nursery and Primary school

A small nursery and primary school was started in 1998 with 2 classrooms. The school is now complete with 3 nursery school classes and 8 primary school classes.  660 children have been enrolled in the school. There is also a unit for children with learning disabilities with 20 children.
With support from donors in the Netherlands through the foundation Elimu Mount Elgon Andersen Primary School has been further developed into a well respected learning institution in the District. For the last 5 years the school has performed very well in the national exams always positioned among the top ten out of nearly 300 schools.

Andersen Highschool

In 2008 a secondary school was built - The Andersen High School. The school caters for 320 students by the year 2011.
In 2012 a vocational training centre will be opened to train students for several arts and crafts.

Apart from the Andersen Schools the foundation is also involved in the development of other government schools in the District and supports individual students at tertiary training level. 

Andersen Nursery and Primary School


New Nursery and New Highschool


Environmental Project

In an attempt to create awareness for the environment in the community, the trust also developed a tree nursery with a show garden. People from the community go there to look at the usefulness of different trees and how they grow. The project also visits the outlying villages promoting tree planting and assisting the villagers with tree selection and maintenance.

The project also runs a beekeeping program as an income generating project.

Rural Housing Project

This latest project was started in 2010. It aims to provide the poorest people in the community with economical housing and a small piece of land.  This is done by offering an affordable loan and by building low-cost, high quality, permanent housing.

This project is sponsored by DEG bank and Mount Elgon Orchards and is carried out with Habitat for Humanity.