Mount Elgon Trust


Community Development Projects for the Chepchoina area.

Because of the constant expansion of the community programs and the need for outside funding, all the projects that were initiated by the company have now been placed under a Trust called The Mount Elgon Trust which was founded in 2005. For many years the farm has been running community projects.

All employees of Mount Elgon Orchards and their families still benefit from the projects of the Mount Elgon Trust which include Health Care , Education and Housing projects amongst others.

The trustees are the directors of Mount Elgon Orchards, 1 senior manager of Mount Elgon Orchards, a community representative and a representative of the Catholic Diocese of Kitale.

In this way the projects can solicit for external funds and Mount Elgon Orchards acts as the main sponsor of the Trust.
Mount Elgon Orchards is still responsible for the salaries and basic running costs of the projects, and the external funds are being used for the physical development of the projects and extra activities.

All physical developments since 2006 have been built on land that has been acquired by the trust.

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