About usWe produce top quality roses whilst observing the highest level of social and environmental responsibility.

Welcome to Mount Elgon Orchards.

Our farm is one of the oldest horticultural farms in Kenya. It was founded in 1920 by a Swedish botanist. The grandfather of the current owner Bob Andersen.

Over the years the farm has grown many different products like coffee, avocado, apples and peaches. The commercial rose production started in 1993 and over the next 20 years the farm developed into a place where everybody is totally committed to growing the best quality roses. We strongly believe in looking after each other and looking after the environment.

This is reflected in the accreditations we have obtained, the social projects that we have developed under the Mount Elgon Trust and the wonderful vibe you get from the people when you walk around on the farm.

It is fun to visit the farm and it is fun to work on this special farm!

All activities on the farm revolve around our core values: